What Is Home Automation and How Does it Work?

What Is Home Automation and How Does it Work?

You’ll be forgiven if the words ‘home automation’ send you into a spin. With thoughts of futuristic movies, sci-fi nightmares and the scary prospects of the unknown, it’s no wonder that many of Bermuda’s residents are hesitant about transforming their property into a smart home.

But with easy to use systems, impressive customisation and complete peace of mind, we’re here to tell you why home automation is the ongoing trend you’ll want to get on board with. From automatic lighting to complete property control, home automation is transforming the way we protect our home, our possessions and most importantly our loved ones…

What is home automation?

First off, what exactly is home automation? Put simply, the term refers to the electronic control of your household features, activity and appliances. Designed to make life easier for homeowners and place you in full control, smart homes can protect your home, free up time and even save you money on household bills. But how does it work?

The science behind automation

While the thought of connecting each appliance and feature of your home may seem daunting, it actually is a relatively simple process with very little maintenance needed. Essentially, home automation involves a network of hardware, communication and electronics to connect everyday devices to one another.

Each device needs to have sensors and a Wi-Fi connection to allow them to work with one another. The appliances are then connected to your smart device, whether that’s a phone or a tablet, meaning you can access your home and control your settings wherever you are in the world.

There are three key components that are needed for home automation to work.

Sensors – These include motion detectors and alarm systems that are affected by daylight, temperature or any nearby changes.

Actuators – Actuators are needed to control the actual mechanics of the devices. These may be light switches or motors, which are programmes to be controlled by a remote device.

Controllers – This is the most important aspect. It refers to the devices you use to operate the automation, including smartphones, laptops and tablets.

Home automation features

There are a number of devices that you can automate in and around your home, including…

  • Fire detection devicesRest assured that if your smoke or fire alarm ever goes off while you’re not at home, you’ll be alerted without delay.
  • Automated lightingOne of the most popular smart home features, you can switch lights on and off remotely and set timers to turn lights on at certain times.
  • Heating control – Turn the thermostat up or down whether you’re at home or not, without having to move an inch.
  • Video surveillance Watch what is going on in and around your home from your smart device, giving you peace of mind when you’re away or out of the house.
  • Alarm systemsNot only can you receive instant alerts if your alarms are activated, but you can turn the alarms on and off with ease.

Automate your home

Do you want to have complete control over your home, peace of mind when you’re away and confidence that you can manage your property from anywhere in the world? The team at Selectron can help. With a huge range of security devices for residential and commercial properties, we can make your home smarter and more secure.

Make Your Home Safer

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