What is the ‘Always Home’ Camera?

What is the ‘Always Home’ Camera?

Keeping your home secure is a top priority for homeowners. Security cameras are the obvious method when you want all-around surveillance of your home. But what if you didn’t need multiple cameras to check your home for intruders when you’re out?

Enter the Always Home Camera…

Amazon’s Ring Always Home security drone can be programmed to fly around your home checking for security risks. Theoretically, there will be no need for multiple surveillance cameras to protect your property when using the drone. And homeowners can save money long term as they won’t have to maintain multiple cameras.

Features include:

Airborne security

How many surveillance cameras would you need to feel safe in your home? Two? Four or five? It makes sense that people will feel more secure the more security cameras they have. So, the idea of just one isn’t likely to fill homeowners with confidence. Unless it can travel.

The Always Home Camera’s main feature is that it can move around your home effectively, covering a wide area in a short amount of time. Patrolling one floor at a time, it will follow a set route or ‘flight path’, checking any area you want and in any order.

Convenient charging dock

The Always Home Camera is easy to charge. Simply set in the charging dock for 2 hours and you will have a fully charged drone. The camera is automatically blocked when charging, only turning on once it is flying on a pre-recorded route – so it won’t be invading your privacy when you aren’t aware.

Range of routes

When setting up your Ring camera, you will be able to programme multiple quick routes into it. If you want it to go immediately to the front and back doors, no problem. The drone can fly to any part of your house in whatever combination of routes that you need. If an alarm goes off in your home, the drone can fly to check the area quickly.

View recordings or use Live View

The camera gives you the option of looking back on security footage taken or watching it live on the Ring App. This allows you to keep an eye on real-time events at home from wherever you are and respond quickly when an alarm is set off.

Now we know the features of the Always Home Camera, let’s have a look at the pros and cons.

Always Home pros

  1. An innovative design that drone enthusiasts are sure to enjoy.
  2. Emits quite a loud noise when activated, which could help deter potential intruders from trying to break in.
  3. You can check your home’s security with one device instead of multiple cameras.

And the cons…

  1. There could be privacy issues as the drone footage could be hacked. Also, the police can request any recordings if deemed necessary.
  2. After 2 hours of charging, it only offers 5 minutes of flight time
  3. The drone works better when patrolling on one level – if triggered to a break-in upstairs, it will inevitably take longer to manoeuvre to the next floor.

State-of-the-art surveillance with Selectron

Home security is developing fast. With its drone functionality, the Ring Always Home Camera is certainly a headline-grabbing innovation. However, it might not be the best for your home.

With a wealth of experience supplying and installing domestic security equipment in Bermuda, Selectron can help you find the right fit for your security needs.

Contact us on +1441 236 4181 or email info@selectron.bm for more information.

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