What Sets DESFire Credentials Apart?

What Sets DESFire Credentials Apart?

When it comes to securing your commercial property, there’s no room for error. Robust access control systems ensure that only authorised individuals have access to secure areas at your business premises.

But how secure is your access control system? When it comes to credential technology, DESFire stands out from the rest – and here’s why…

What is DESFire?

DESFire is a high encryption credential technology. Credential technology refers to devices that check you have the right “credentials” to enter a room or part of a building, and provide you with access. Some require you to enter a pin code or use your fingerprint.

In other cases, you might use a proximity device with a key card or tag. MIFARE’s DESFire technology is used in some of these cards and key tags.

What sets DESFire credentials apart?

DESFire credentials stand out both in terms of security and scalability…


To put the technology into context, standard 125kHz proximity devices aren’t even encrypted. That means in the space of a minute, hackers could steal the data and copy it as long as they’re within 3 feet.

Meanwhile, MIFARE DESFire uses a cryptographic module to encrypt its data via algorithms. This makes it next to impossible to decipher.

With its AES (advanced encryption standard) 128-bit encryption, there are 2128 possible combinations to access the data. How long would that take a super-computer to crack? Well… only 2.6 trillion years.

They also feature a shorter read-range, further minimising the opportunity for data theft.

Compared to standard proximity devices, the difference is clear. If you want to ensure data isn’t stolen or compromised, DESFire credentials are by far the best choice.

Scalability and migration

Plus, as each application is completely independent with its own AES key, one device can contain a myriad of different credentials and be recognised by multiple readers. That includes a diverse variety of readers, including wireless, hardwired and even third-party models. This makes for a truly scalable one-card solution.

Still have 125kHz devices installed? No worries, there are hybrid DESFire cards that have both 125kHz and DESFire encoded. This means the new cards can continue to work with older readers, allowing you to migrate to the new system in your own time.

What devices are available?

There are several devices available with DESFire credentials, and these are equipped with varying memory capacities.


Key cards can be used with proximity readers to allow access to certain rooms or areas of a building. They’re highly convenient and easy to use. DESFire cards are also flexible and hard to damage, making them perfect for everyday usage.

Key tags

Factories and laboratories can often be harsh environments where key cards could potentially be damaged. In these scenarios, a key tag would be a more durable solution, as they’re able to withstand pressure, heat and even chemicals. To keep them close by, they can be hooked onto lanyards or keyrings.


Transmitters can incorporate DESFire credentials to unlock buildings at short-range via card readers, as well as at a distance.

DESFire access control solutions at Selectron

DESFire solutions operate at the highest standard of credential technology. That’s why we’re proud to utilise their technology here at Selectron. Our access control solutions include ICT’s Protege GX and WX systems, both of which feature DESFire credentials.

If you’d like to secure your commercial property in Bermuda with a truly scalable solution, get in touch with our expert team today.

At Selectron our solutions help you meet the increased challenges of today’s security and surveillance, enabling you to improve safety by reducing and preventing security breaches and accidents. Find out more about us >>

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