What to Do If You’ve Been Burgled

What to Do If You’ve Been Burgled

Burglaries can leave victims feeling unsafe, anxious and vulnerable. Whether it’s at your workplace or your home, knowing someone has had access to, and stolen, your valuables is a big concern – not least because you’re worried that it might happen again. If you’re unfortunate enough to fall victim to a burglary, we’ve got a few simple steps to make things easier…

Alert the authorities

If you notice signs of a burglary when you arrive home or at work, don’t go inside the property or alert the thief to your presence. Go to a neighbour’s house or nearby safe place and call the police. The burglar may still be inside the property and by going inside yourself, you’re putting yourself at unnecessary risk. The sooner you can alert the authorities to a theft, the more likely it is that your valuables will be recovered and returned to you.

Secure your property

Immediately after the burglary, you should check your property to ensure all keys are accounted for. The thief may have stolen a spare key that you aren’t aware of, meaning they could gain access to the property at a later date.

If you can’t account for all keys, be sure to change your locks and get a new set of keys, handing them out only to trusted friends, family members or employees that need them. It’s also important to check the security of your property, testing all windows and doors for weak spots.

Check your cameras

Once you have secured your property, you may want to check your surveillance cameras or CCTV for signs of the thief. If you don’t already have security cameras around your home, you may want to think about installing a high-quality system to prevent future burglaries.

The police will be able to check nearby cameras but having your own installed on your property can greatly increase the likelihood of the thief being caught on camera – and deter thieves in future.

More deterrents

If you’re unfortunate enough to be a burglary victim once, the last thing you want is to be at risk of further attacks. For the protection of your property, and your own peace of mind, you may want to invest in a security system for your home.

Intruder alarms are a great way to send thieves running before they even get inside the door. Or, take it one step further with a security gate around your property’s perimeter, preventing burglars from even stepping foot on your premises.

Talk to a professional

While you can conduct a self-audit of your property, checking for weak spots or entry points, you may miss crucial areas that leave you vulnerable. A professional security expert can check out your property from top to bottom and suggest tips and tricks to secure your home.

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