What to Expect from Home Security in 2023

What to Expect from Home Security in 2023

Attitudes to home security were transformed during the pandemic, with a third (32%) of people becoming more security conscious. Fast-paced daily life ground to a halt, giving people the opportunity to really see their homes and perhaps re-evaluate certain elements. And in particular, their security system.

The increasing popularity of smart home automation shows that convenience and peace of mind are essential components in home security as 2023 begins. The options are plentiful and it is no surprise that most current security trends feature a smart element to them.

Let’s have a look at a few in more detail…

1. Smart home lighting

Security lights are a popular choice for homeowners to help to keep their homes secure and this trend will only keep on evolving, as smart lighting takes it to the next level. Remotely controlling your lighting gives you peace of mind that when you aren’t home, your house can still look occupied.

Using a set schedule of when your lights turn on and off can help reduce your energy bills and have a system that adapts to your timetable. Voice command features are also increasing in popularity with their connection to smart speakers.

Geofencing features allow you greater control over your lighting. As a virtual perimeter is set up around your home– your lights will turn on and off automatically based on your proximity to the property.

2. Contactless security

Contactless security will grow more popular in 2023, as advancements in ways to tighten security increase. Biometric technology includes –

  • Fingerprint scans
  • Facial recognition software
  • Iris scans
  • Voice commands to control devices

As biometric data can’t be faked, devices that use contactless technology are extremely difficult to hack into, making this a choice that is fast growing in popularity.

3. Smart home cameras

Cameras are not a new concept when it comes to home security. But they have been updated and enhanced by the use of smart technology. The option to also use a smart video doorbell can give you full control over what’s happening at your home.

Using any device, from any location and with a two-way talking function, you can communicate with any visitor. This is an excellent way of being able to direct couriers, deter intruders or simply answer your doorbell from wherever you may be.

4. Water and leak management

Statistics show that “a home is six times more likely to experience water damage than fire damage and seven times more likely to experience water damage than a burglary”.

As water-use appliances are seen as the single, largest culprit in home leaks and floods, it is essential to minimise the risks they pose.

Digital solutions in leak detection are being seen as the way forward. For example, the industry-leading Leak Gopher leak management system, sends notifications to your smartphone or email to inform you immediately that a leak has occurred.

5. Smart home alarms

With advancements in wireless technology, you are able to choose the wireless option for your intruder or fire alarm over hard-wired options.

Wireless systems are a trend that allows for numerous innovations and constant updates, so you will always be on the cutting edge of this technology. Some smart alarms also enable your system to be linked with CCTV so if your alarm is triggered, you can see what is happening at your home through your camera footage.

Get ahead of the game with home security from Selectron

Home security advancements are moving fast and the Selectron team is here to help guide you through the available options. With state-of-the-art CCTV systems, intruder alarms, fire alarms and high-spec lighting, Selectron has everything you need to keep your Bermuda home secure.

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