Will an Old Alarm Box Deter Burglars?

Will an Old Alarm Box Deter Burglars?

Whether you’re at work or on holiday, we all want to protect our homes from intruders. That’s where alarm systems come in. But do they really need to be newly installed?

Wouldn’t that old alarm box on the wall be just as good a visual deterrent? Let’s take a closer look…

How do alarms deter burglars?

Whilst it’s difficult to get an exact figure for the number of burglaries prevented with alarms, there is one thing we do know – the views of burglars themselves. Researchers from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte interviewed over 400 incarcerated burglars about the decision-making processes behind their crimes – including deterrents.

83% of the burglars surveyed claimed that, before attempting a burglary, they would first check if an alarm was installed. If an alarm was present, 60% said they would seek out a different target. Intruder alarms were also successful at deterring burglaries in progress – with only 13% reporting that they would continue with a break in if they heard or saw an alarm during the burglary.

Is it the same for old alarms?

No – burglars are smart. They’ll be looking out for details that suggest your home is an easy target. They can easily spot an alarm that’s past its best. If you only have an old alarm box that looks grotty and unused, this signals to burglars that your security system isn’t a priority for your household and that your alarm is unlikely to be a real threat – essentially giving them the green light to target your property.

There are many ways an old and disused alarm can put your property at risk. Don’t be tempted to try and fool burglars with an empty alarm box. Removing the control panel will leave your alarm completely inactive, placing your home and its contents in harm’s way. In other cases, the bell in the old alarm box may have run flat, so it will only ring for a few minutes – or possibly not at all. Burglars will be aware of all the potential issues with old alarms and see this as a chance to try their luck.

Best course of action

The best way to ensure your home is safe and secure is to maintain your security system. Keeping your intruder alarm up to date not only ensures it will work when a break in happens, but also makes it clear to any potential intruder that your home is well defended and not an easy target.

In fact, an alarm is only one factor in a burglar’s decision-making process. Making sure that your entire security system is covered – from CCTV cameras to security lighting – is the best course of action if you want peace of mind.

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