What is the Best Way to Protect My Outdoor Security Camera System?

Outdoor security cameras are one of the best ways to identify and catch burglars. And, if you have invested in one for your property, you will probably want to know how to protect that investment while ensuring that you get the best possible performance from your new security system.

Even the best security cameras need protection from unexpected incidents such as bad weather, hackers and even theft. Read on as we look at the different threats to your outdoor security camera system and how best to protect against them.

1. Temperature

One of the most common ways security cameras are damaged is by the weather. Why? Because it’s a natural occurrence that so many homeowners forget about. On top of that, it’s something most of us expect our outdoor security cameras to be equipped to deal with. And, whilst you wouldn’t be wrong, all cameras have varying working temperature ranges.

To avoid problems caused by the heat affecting your security camera, you should always check the working temperature of your security camera before making a purchase. Bermuda temperatures can range anywhere from the forties to nineties in Fahrenheit, so it’s essential your camera is prepared for both ends of the spectrum. Most cameras have a working temperature that will cover this, but it’s something you should always check before purchasing

2. Rainfall

The next check you need to carry out is the ingress protection (IP) rating of the camera. This marks the efficiency of an outdoor security camera in withstanding natural elements like rain. Ratings range from IP60 (total dust protection but no protection against liquids) to IP68 (total dust protection with protection against long term liquid immersion).

Bermuda rainfall can be heavy at times, but it’s never going to completely immerse a well mounted security camera. Typically, a camera rated IP66 will be protected against any rainfall your home will encounter.

3. Storms

They say that ‘lightning never strikes twice in the same place’. But just one strike is all it can take to destroy your security systems. Even if it doesn’t damage your home, the current from a lightning strike can cause your security camera to shut down.

First of all, you can avoid this by mounting your outdoor security camera away from metal poles. These can conduct the current from a strike and pass it through to your camera. For subsequent power outages, it’s also worth considering uninterruptible power supplies to keep your security camera running in all circumstances. These difficult situations could easily be the time when thieves choose to strike.

4. Theft

Your security camera is there to protect your home and possessions from burglary and theft, but even the best outdoor security cameras are vulnerable to theft themselves. Opportunist thieves know the value of a good security camera and will seize their opportunity if they see one up for grabs.

Not only that, but organised criminals could attempt to vandalise cameras to cover their tracks. That’s why it’s essential to have them mounted securely out of arm’s reach. For further protection, you could also consider a security camera cover to make the camera even harder to get to.

5. Nature

Ask most homeowners what poses a threat to their outdoor security camera system. Chances are, few will say insects and bugs. However, security cameras mounted in the wrong location with infrared lights can easily attract spiders, mosquitos and all kinds of unwanted attention. Over time, this can lead to webs or nests obscuring cameras, as well as false alerts if your camera is fitted with a motion detector.

The solution? Firstly, ensure your security camera system is fitted in a location which doesn’t already attract this kind of wildlife. Keep the area clean and, if a problem still develops, try insect repellent sprays around the area – but not directly onto the camera.

6. Glare

Installation of an outdoor security camera system has to be well thought out. Without the right planning, you can easily find your security camera facing reflective surfaces like glass panels, car windows or even ponds and large puddles of water. The result? Light reflects off these surfaces into the lens of your camera and obscures the image.

To protect your camera from this, you simply need to mount it at the right angle. However, with so many potential sources of glare, it’s always worth seeking expert advice.

7. Firmware

There’s more to outdoor security cameras than meets the eye. They are manufactured with in-built firmware which essentially runs the camera. To keep things running smoothly, cameras need to have their firmware updated. Failure to do so leaves the security system vulnerable to poor performance or even hacking. Because they’re connected to the internet, network cameras can be accessed and manipulated by ill-intending hackers if they don’t have the right security in place.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to know the ins and outs of security camera firmware. A good security company will keep your firmware up to date after installation. With regular firmware updates, your outdoor security camera system will be protected from hackers and can keep your home safe as a result.

Protect your camera, protect your home

Even the best outdoor security cameras need the right protection to keep them working perfectly. And it all starts with installation. Whether it’s weather damage, glare, insects or theft, a great deal of threats to your security camera can be eliminated by a professional, well-thought-out installation.

Following installation, specialist assistance and support helps you keep your outdoor security camera system working to its full potential, with firmware updates and expert maintenance. The result is a high-performing security system that keeps your home, possessions and loved ones safe.

At Selectron, we provide customer care plans (CCP) tailored to our clients’ specific system – whether it’s CCTV, intruder alarms, gates, access control, fire alarms or any combination. CCPs come into effect when our standard three-month system install warranty expires and include annual, bi-annual or quarterly visits with full reporting, and extended warranty on parts and labour. It’s exactly what you need to keep your security system well maintained.

Speak to the experts

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In simple terms, we’ll keep your security camera protected and your home secure as a result. Get in touch with our team today to talk about your security needs.

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