How High Do You Score on Our Home Security Checklist?

How High Do You Score on Our Home Security Checklist?

Wondering how secure your home is? It’s only natural to want to protect your property. After all, it’s usually the most valuable thing you own. That’s not even mentioning its contents and of course your loved ones. That said, the vast majority of homeowners don’t have adequate security in place, with just 15% of US homes fitted with a security system.

So, how secure is your home? Read on for our checklist of home security and see how your home stacks up.

1. Do you have working alarms?

The most important part of a home’s security is its intruder alarm system. Why? Let’s say the worst does happen – somebody breaks into your home. Do you have an alarm system in place to alert yourself or your neighbours?

For a truly secure home, your home should be fitted with a monitoring alarm system which alerts the authorities immediately when any intruders are detected. And remember, a visible alarm system can even act as a deterrent.

2. What about surveillance?

Consider the cameras in and around your property. Do you have something in place to check for suspicious activity or identify burglars following a break-in?

Proper surveillance is essential to a property’s security and acts as a visual deterrent to potential intruders. For full peace of mind, you can even invest in remote video surveillance cameras, which allow you to check on your home while you’re away.

3. Does your property look vacant?

Burglars target properties that are empty. It’s no secret. That’s why it’s essential to keep your home looking lived in, even when you’re out or away.

Don’t leave the bins out, make sure there’s no stacks of post sticking out and try to leave the light on in the day. Normally, people get someone to visit their home if they’re going away, to keep it looking occupied. With modern technology, however, it’s now possible to automate lighting, meaning you can turn lights on and off remotely or schedule them to come on at certain times.

4. Can people easily access your home?

In some cases, it’s worth considering how easy is it to get to your home?
Ideally, homes should have security fencing or gates to block unwanted visitors. To maximise the security of your property from its perimeter, gate operators are the ultimate solution where possible. They provide an extra layer of security and give homeowners full control over who can access their property.

5. Are your windows and doors secure?

To get to your possessions, burglars need to get into your property. Their options? Doors or windows. To prevent this, properties need strong doors and windows that lock securely. Any weakness in this area can be easily exploited by intruders, giving them an easy route into your home.

6. Are you protected from fire and water?

Security isn’t just about intruders. It’s also important to keep your home secure from the threat of fire and water damage. Fire alarms are essential to keep you safe in the event of a fire, but what happens if you’re away? The same can be said for leaks and floods, which could destroy your home if they occur without detection. Monitored fire alarms and leak management products can eliminate this threat with ease.

How did your home perform?

If your property ticks all the boxes, well done – your home gets a high score for security. But if you found yourself answering “no” to our questions, it’s time to talk. At Selectron, we provide a wide range of security equipment and systems for homes across Bermuda. We specialise in all areas of security, covering alarm systems, gating, automation, surveillance and even fire and water protection. Contact our team to discuss the security of your home and see how we can help.

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