Introducing Honeywell’s New Wi-Fi Outdoor Security Camera

Introducing Honeywell’s New Wi-Fi Outdoor Security Camera

Selectron is delighted to introduce the latest innovative addition to our extensive range of security systems: Honeywell’s new IPCAM-WOC1 Wi-Fi outdoor security camera. It’s the perfect way to keep your home secure all year round, day or night.

Read on as we take a closer look at the new and improved technology.

Impressive Honeywell security

Honeywell is a software-industrial company that produces technologies for industrial and residential use. Helping people feel safer, their products are used in cars, homes and even aerospace engineering. Quite simply, they hope to make the world smarter, safe and more sustainable.

The latest product off the assembly line is their impressive new video equipment – the IPCAM-WOC1 Wi-Fi outdoor security camera. Our customers can get their hands on the camera from February 2018. An innovative addition to residential security, it will provide added insight in home activity – an extra layer of comfort for homeowners. Not only will you be able to see your home safe and sound, you’ll gain more control in your own home.

Looking at the spec

The new outdoor camera boasts a range of innovative and fresh features. Particularly exciting is the enhanced Wi-Fi connection, which is also compatible with Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 security control systems. This means the hardware can be seamlessly integrated into your home, with easy set-up QR code installation to boot. No fuss. No worries.

If you’re after an outdoor camera, you want it to have clear imaging. Again, the Honeywell IPCAM-WO1 delivers. It has night vision for dark evenings and digital zoom to enhance all the details in low-light environments. With motion detectors and horizontal features, the video camera is great for wide angles and sharper vision. You can’t go wrong with a whopping 1080p resolution. The outdoor security system even has weather-resistant features with a huge infrared range of 65 feet!

So, why this camera?

Flexibility: The wonders of Wi-Fi means less hardware – perfect for outdoor use! We can quickly and simply mount the security camera to any outside exteriors. The flexible system also means it can go anywhere. How about above the driveway, or overlooking the garden? Wherever you choose to position yours, rest assured it will add that extra layer of security.

Cloud Storage: You’re in control when it comes your home’s security. Even more so with these Wi-Fi led products. With Wi-Fi connectivity you can have cloud storage, as well as local storage. It’s an ingenious way to give you total peace of mind, even when you jet off on your holidays. And, with 7-day or 30-day video storage options, you tailor your system to your needs.

Make your security stronger

Considering opting for an outdoor video camera? The Honeywell IPCAM-WO1 is a great option for any home. At Selectron, can help with set up and installation, as well as providing a wide range of state-of-the-art security systems, including CCTV, intruder alarms and video surveillance. Get in touch today and see how we can help with your home’s security.

Make Your Home Safer

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