How to Keep Burglars Out of Your Business: A Guide to Commercial Security

How to Keep Burglars Out of Your Business: A Guide to Commercial Security

News recently broke about a series of burglaries targeting Bermuda businesses in a well-known commercial district. While law enforcement is ramping up efforts to catch the culprits, this wave of criminal activity serves as a stark reminder – commercial security is not to be taken lightly.

Offices, warehouses and other business spaces are often filled with valuable assets, from high-end equipment to sensitive data. It is obviously hugely important to safeguard these premises. Read on for a comprehensive guide on how to deter intruders from your business.

Secure the perimeter

Surveillance cameras

One of the first deterrents for any potential burglar is visible surveillance cameras. Position them at entry and exit points and don’t forget about blind spots or secluded areas. Modern systems even offer remote monitoring via smartphones.

Alarm systems

An alarm system allows you to get help faster if there’s a break-in, which could stop a theft or limit the damage. Systems that alert you directly by phone let you know that something is wrong immediately, so you can quickly decide what to do next – like calling the police or checking your property.

Fencing and gates

High walls, sturdy gates and fencing not only provide a physical barrier but also serve as a psychological deterrent. Choose materials that are difficult to scale or cut through.

Strengthen points of entry

Reinforce windows and doors

Standard doors and windows are often no match for a determined intruder. Upgrade to reinforced doors with multiple locks and shatterproof windows.

Access control systems

Implement a key card or biometric access control system. It not only restricts entry but also logs activity, allowing you to monitor who is coming in or going out.

Secure locks

High-grade, pick-resistant locks can make it a lot harder for burglars to gain entry. Consider electronic locks that can be remotely controlled and monitored.

Interior security

Secure valuable assets

Place high-value items in secure areas protected by additional locks or even safes. In a retail environment, this could be a back office like a warehouse or a locked cage.

Adequate lighting

A well-lit space is less appealing to burglars. Ensure that all areas of your business, including car parks and external pathways, are adequately lit.

Employee training

Train your employees to follow security protocols. Whether it’s double-checking doors before leaving or knowing how to respond in case of an emergency, educated employees are an invaluable asset.

Technological solutions

Motion sensors

These can detect any unauthorised movement and alert you immediately – invaluable during off-hours.


While this guide focuses on physical security, don’t forget that burglars can also attack virtually. Protect your data with strong firewalls, antivirus software and regular system checks.

Regular security audits

No matter how comprehensive your security setup is, it’s vital to regularly check for vulnerabilities. Hire security experts to perform audits and penetration tests on both your physical and digital security measures.

Contact your local security experts

Selectron is a specialist commercial security company based right here in Bermuda. With our help, you can cover all bases for your commercial property to deter thieves, protect your assets and keep people safe.

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