Why You Should Consider Installing Automated Gates

Why You Should Consider Installing Automated Gates

Automated security gates are increasing in popularity across Bermuda. Why? For one, it’s down to their availability. Like many automated products, security gates are now much more readily available and affordable for all budgets. But on top of that, it’s because they offer an array of benefits for you, your home and your family.

Increased security

The main benefit of automated gates is without a doubt the security they bring to your property. It goes without saying that we all want to feel safe in our own home. Security gates offer an additional layer of protection, preventing intruders from even stepping foot on your premises. With some gates, you can even install surveillance cameras, voice communication systems and access control to further prevent unauthorised access.

Added attraction

Aside from increased security, automated gates can add a beautiful, modern look to your home. Gates add style and class to your property, making it far more appealing and exclusive than other homes without a perimeter. There are also a wide variety of styles and materials to choose from, so you can create a modern or traditional design to suit the look and feel of your property.

Further down the line, this could make your property more attractive to buyers and add value to your home when you come to sell it.

Cheaper insurance

Automated security gates are a smart investment for any homeowner. But did you know they could even save you money in the long run? Home insurers may offer reduced premiums if you have an automated gate installed on your property.

As security gates help to protect your home, many insurers recognise that the likelihood of your home being broken into or damaged is much lower with the added layer of protection provided by a gate. In short, it’s less likely that they will need to payout, so they won’t charge you as much.


Close board or solid gates can help to keep prying eyes at bay. Intrusive salespeople, nosy neighbours and unwanted visitors won’t be able to interrupt your day. Using an in-built voice communicator, you can even avoid having to turn people away at the door. Above all else, you and your family or friends can enjoy days or evenings in your front garden or on the porch in privacy, so there’s no need to worry about anyone passing by and ruining your relaxation.

Pets & children safety

As parents (or pet parents), the safety of our pets and children is one of our main priorities. Another great benefit of having an automated gate is that you can have peace of mind that your little ones and furry friends are safe on your property. Your children can play on your front lawn and your pets can roam freely in complete safety. That’s especially important if you live on, or near, a main road. You can relax inside worry-free while your little ones enjoy playing outside.

Secure your home

At Selectron, we offer a wide range of security solutions for residential and commercial properties in Bermuda. From state-of-the-art automated gates to small and discreet intruder alarms, we have everything you need to feel safe and secure in your own home.

Make Your Home Safer

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