3 of the Best Security Products for 2021

3 of the Best Security Products for 2021

With technology constantly advancing, each year brings new products that can make life easier and better in a number of ways. 2021 will be no exception, with advances expected everywhere from construction and transport to cooking and gaming.

Without a doubt one of the most valuable areas for new technology is security. After all, what’s more important than protecting your property and those within it? In this post, we’ll look at three of the most exciting security products for 2021.

1. Cloud based access control and CCTV

Access control is an invaluable tool for businesses of any kind. It enables you to restrict who enters the building or specific parts of your site. So too is CCTV, which allows you to monitor your property around the clock.

Both are being combined and taken to the next level by Inaxsys with their cloud-based access control system. Combining access control and CCTV, the system will allow you to control and monitor your commercial site from your smartphone or laptop in any location.

Verify visitors through the cameras to allow access remotely. Get alerts for forced entry. Check the footage for areas where incidents have occurred. This comprehensive system takes security to the next level, wherever you’re based.

2. Smart video surveillance

Smart technology is becoming more and more commonplace. In short, it’s any technology that’s programmed to automatically do something for you. Thanks to Inaxsys’ innovative Arkiv video management software, that can also be applied to security.

The open-platform system can automatically perform a number of functions for your video surveillance system. Facial recognition, license plate recognition, audio detection and movement detection all come together to make security a breeze.

You no longer have to search for specific clips or manually zoom in to faces and license plates. The system simply extracts the information it knows you need and serves it up on a silver plate.

3. Voice-controlled security

There are already over 4 billion voice assistants used across the world. By 2024, that number is expected to rise to more than 8 billion. In short, voice assistants are here to stay – and the functions they can perform are always expanding.

In 2021, we expect voice-enabled security to be a top product for those who want the utmost convenience and peace of mind. Honeywell’s Total Connect system can be used with Amazon Alexa, for instance, enabling you to monitor and control security with your voice.

Ask Alexa to show the camera at the front of your house on your fire stick. Tell Alexa to lock the doors. Or even turn on the alarm and sensors for a particular area of your home – all with your voice.

State-of-the-art security in Bermuda

If you want to bolster your security with all the latest products and equipment in 2021, Selectron is always ahead of the curve. Our team of security experts stay on top of the latest trends and most innovative products, hand picking only the best for our customers’ homes and commercial properties throughout Bermuda.

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