5 CCTV Statistics You Can’t Ignore

5 CCTV Statistics You Can’t Ignore

CCTV (closed-circuit television) has become an integral part of our modern world, used for security, monitoring and even capturing funny pet videos. Did you know that in the UK, for example,  there is one camera for every 13 people? Or that China has a whopping 437 cameras per 1,000 people?

It’s hard to ignore CCTV in our modern world and even harder to ignore the statistics. Read on for five examples of the impact of CCTV on safety and crime prevention.

1. 51% crime rate reduction

CCTV cameras are superheroes in the fight against crime. According to studies, the presence of CCTV can lead to a significant reduction in criminal activity. In fact, some reports suggest that areas with visible cameras experience up to a 51% decrease in crime rates. That’s like having a real-life crime deterrent watching over your community.

2. 65% decrease in shoplifting

Top tip for retailers – CCTV cameras are your secret weapon against shoplifters. Research indicates that businesses with security cameras can experience an incredible 65% decrease in shoplifting incidents. Those cameras in the aisles aren’t just for show – they’re extremely effective in protecting your merchandise.

3. Used on two-thirds of police investigations

In emergencies, every second counts. CCTV helps the police react faster and more effectively. This can lead to more successful investigations as footage can be used to determine elements of the crime. Not to mention identifying suspects and figuring out timelines.

A study at Nottingham Trent University found that CCTV could help in as many as two-thirds of the investigations that police undertake on a regular basis.

4. 60% of burglars avoid homes with CCTV

Home sweet home – with CCTV, it’s even sweeter. Statistics reveal that 60% of burglars would think again when they see a home has security cameras, choosing an easier target. That’s a significant decrease in the risk of intruders making off with your cherished belongings.

5. 23% decrease in crime on public transport

Hop on a bus or train, and you’re likely being watched by CCTV. Public transportation systems around the world have embraced this technology to enhance safety. Studies show that CCTV in public transport has led to a 23% decrease in criminal incidents, making your commute a safer journey.

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