5 Crimes That CCTV Can Deter

5 Crimes That CCTV Can Deter

Also referred to as security or surveillance cameras, CCTV is key to making places secure. It’s all around us, in parks or shops, helping to keep an eye on things as they happen – and saving footage for later use if needed.

But these cameras don’t just record, they can also deter people from criminal activity. Read on for five crimes that might be avoided if someone knows a camera is watching.

1. Burglary

One big advantage of security cameras is that they can help stop break-ins. If someone is thinking about breaking in, they often change their minds when they see a camera. The risk of being recorded and recognised is enough to make opportunistic thieves think again. So, homes and businesses with CCTV cameras are generally considered less attractive targets for burglars.

2. Vandalism

Acts of vandalism such as graffiti, defacement and damaging public property can be both unsightly and costly to repair. Having CCTV cameras in place makes vandals think twice before acting out, as their actions are recorded and can be traced back to them.

Many cities have seen a considerable drop in vandalism in areas monitored by CCTV. Not only does this save money, but it also helps maintain the aesthetic and integrity of a community.

3. Arson

Arson poses a severe threat to both property and life. Whether it’s a deliberate act to cause damage or recklessness without considering the consequences, the impact can be devastating. Installing CCTV cameras near potential hot spots can deter would-be arsonists.

The thought of having easy evidence against them serves as a substantial deterrent. Also, in the unfortunate event of a fire, CCTV footage can provide invaluable information to investigators.

4. Assault and public fights

In any town, public safety is of paramount importance. CCTV cameras in public spaces can deter physical aggression, such as attacks and public confrontations. The same is true at your domestic or commercial property.

When people are aware that they are being watched and videotaped, they are less likely to engage in violent behaviour. Furthermore, CCTV footage can be an important piece of evidence in identifying criminals and confirming victims’ and witnesses’ stories.

5. Vehicle theft and break-ins

Car parks and garages can be hotspots for vehicle theft and break-ins. Having well-placed CCTV cameras can deter potential criminals from targeting vehicles in these areas. Just like with burglaries, the likelihood of being caught and identified through recorded footage makes many would-be thieves think twice. This is because the camera provides an added layer of security, reducing the dark spots where criminals might otherwise have felt encouraged to act.

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