A Crime & Safety Guide for Bermuda Homes

A Crime & Safety Guide for Bermuda Homes

While Bermuda is a relatively safe place to live, we still have our share of crime like anywhere else. To help you to protect yourself, your home and your family we've included our top security tips.

Protecting your home from thieves

Your home and its contents are some of the most valuable assets you own. But that’s not the only thing at risk from burglary. Having someone break into your property leaves you and your loved ones feeling scared and vulnerable.

That’s why, with an increasing number of reported crimes in Bermuda, it’s more important than ever to protect your home from burglaries. Here are some simple ways to keep your home safe…

Install automatic lighting

Having automatic and controlled lighting both inside and outside your home can deter burglars by both startling them with bright lights and fooling them into thinking someone is home.

Plant protective shrubbery

Creating a barrier of thorn bushes underneath low windows and casement will make thieves think twice before clambering over them.

Restrict access to your property

Install access control at your property to prevent unauthorised visitors from entering your home or work place at any time.

Keep garage doors locked

Remember to make sure your garage doors can be, and are, kept locked at all times, especially if you store tools or equipment inside that could be used to aid a break-in.

Install fire and smoke alarms

Alert yourself, your loved ones and emergency services to fire and smoke in your property before its too late with sensors and alarms fitted around your home.

Keep track of your belongings

The Bermuda Police Service recommends home owners to ‘U’ mark their valuable belongings. Electronic engravers can be borrowed for free from your local police station.

Set up property alarms

One of the easiest ways to deter a thief is to install intruder alarms. Even if the alarm isn’t set off, the sight of one is often enough to stop a thief from attempting to break in.

Make the most of free advice

The Police Service also has a number of crime prevention and safety brochures providing advice on securing your home and staying safe while out and about.

Prevent water damage

Burglars aren’t the only threat to your property; water damage can be expensive and devastating. Prevent costly damage with water and leak management systems.

Catch them in the act

Security cameras and CCTV can work wonders for reducing burglaries, as the thought of being seen on camera often deters thieves.

Double check your security

Crime prevention officers in Bermuda are available to visit your property and survey your security system, providing written recommendations for future improvements.

Keep your home & your family safe

At Selectron, we’re committed to protecting the homes and residents of Bermuda. Our tailored industry-leading security systems can help you feel safe and secure in your own home throughout 2019 and well into the future.

Make Your Home Safer

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