Burglaries Rise By 60% on Halloween

Burglaries Rise By 60% on Halloween

Halloween is a day of scares, screams and plentiful scoops of candy. But it can also be a frightening time for your property, according to statistics on crime-related insurance claims.

Claims increase by an average of 24% on Halloween. That’s a higher rise that any other single day of the year. Read on as we take a closer look at the statistics and how you can avoid a scare.

Burglaries, theft and property damage

While 24% is a pretty sharp spike overall, things are even more frightening when it comes to burglaries. According to statistics from Travelers Insurance, home burglaries go up by a massive 60% on Halloween.

Why? Well, plenty of people are out and it’s not unusual to see someone with their face covered. The perfect conditions for burglars. With Halloween making it the norm for strangers to knock on the door, they can even see who’s in and who’s out without too much trouble.

Away from the home, there’s also a 21% increase in theft, with phones or other valuables in your car for example. That’s followed closely by a 19% increase in vandalism and property damage, which could be anything from throwing toilet paper over a house to graffiti and smashing windows.

How to protect your property

Whether it’s a burglary while you’re out celebrating or needless vandalism on your home, crime on Halloween can cause plenty of stress and financial worries. The good news is, it’s preventable.

Even on Halloween, criminals are on the lookout for easy targets. The best way to protect your property is to make it a frightening place for burglars, thieves and vandals.


The worst nightmare for criminals is the thought that they’re being watched. Installing surveillance cameras is a huge deterrent for anyone looking to break into your house, vandalise your property or just steal things from your car.

With expert installation, you can make sure cameras cover all areas include your drive or on-street parking spot. The latest models even make it possible to monitor your home in real time from your phone, so you can have complete peace of mind wherever you are.

Intruder alarms

Masks are the order of the day on Halloween. That makes it more likely that burglars will have their face covered, without looking suspicious while walking the streets. Unfortunately, that means some criminals won’t be deterred by cameras.

However, they will be deterred and caught out by intruder alarms. By installing sensors on key points of entry like windows and doors, your system will alert you, anyone nearby and even the authorities of a break-in.

Lighting control

One of the main reasons for a spike in crime on Halloween is that lots of people are out of their homes. Whether you’re trick-or-treating or at a fancy-dress party, criminals won’t think twice before taking their opportunity to break-in or cause damage.

But what if they thought you were in? With remote lighting control, you can create the impression that someone is inside your home. Switch lights on or off from your phone or tablet to deter thieves while you’re away.

Get complete peace of mind

While crime rises on Halloween, it’s still a threat to Bermuda’s homes all year round. If you want to stop your home looking like an easy target, the team at Selectron is on hand to help. We offer a range of innovative residential security products that can secure your home, deter criminals and provide complete peace of mind all year round.

Make Your Home Safer

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