Could Access Control Improve Productivity for Your Business?

Could Access Control Improve Productivity for Your Business?

Access control is a security process that manages and monitors the coming and going of people through secure areas. Using methods such as key cards, biometric scans or voice activation, it’s an excellent solution to the issue of keeping your employees safe while at work and protecting your business assets.

But did you know that there are a lot more advantages to using access control than just giving you high-quality security? It can also improve productivity in your business. Let’s look at five ways below.

1. Tracking employees’ office time

Access control is useful for employers who need to record their employees’ attendance and punctuality. This may be a business that employs shift workers or staff who work on flexi-time. Entry authentication is a very effective way of monitoring workplace productivity. For example, if clients are charged depending on the time worked on their behalf, as in legal practice. Or to ensure employees are correctly paid for hours worked.

2. Removing manual work for staff

The use of temporary security access cards can be given to authorised visitors that need access on a regular basis. Work is made more productive as guests such as contractors can be limited to the appropriate area. This means that permanent staff aren’t expected to pause their own work to ensure visitors aren’t wandering the building.

3. Improving customer service

Access control gives a focused entrance point, whether at a keypad, Wi-Fi intercom or reception desk. Visitors will find a smoother and quicker entry, as once their details are logged, a member of staff is alerted to let them know that they are there.  It is a very flexible system that numerous businesses would be able to apply.

4. Helping to control energy consumption

If security access is combined with sensors for intruders, it will give a much clearer idea of when the building is in use. Businesses that have staff who work shift patterns will find that access control gives them the opportunity to conserve energy. Knowing who is in the building can help create an effective schedule for shutting down heating, cooling and lighting systems when they’re not needed.

5. Improve compliance

As access control records staff movement on a daily basis, it can be extremely effective when business owners face certain situations. The information gained will be invaluable when auditing is carried out or an investigation is needed, as this will give the ability to identify people or pinpoint the exact location of staff members.

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