How Long Do Intruder Alarms Go Off For?

How Long Do Intruder Alarms Go Off For?

Intruder alarms are a security staple for both homes and commercial properties. They’re known for the piercing sound they create when a break-in is attempted. To really get to know your security system, you may well want to know how long that sound continues for. Read on to find out…

The 20-minute rule of thumb

The short answer for how long an alarm should sound is around 20 minutes. Most modern intruder alarm systems are fitted with a cut-off device or programmed to stop ringing after this amount of time.

Why? It’s simply a way of achieving their purpose without creating nuisance. Alarms ring to alert people inside the house or those nearby of a break-in. That alone deters most would-be burglars. If nobody has responded to the alarm within 20 minutes, burglars will have already been and gone – and there’s no need for the sound to continue.

What about old devices?

Alarms haven’t always cut off after 20 minutes or so. Traditional alarms were designed to continue ringing until they were reset. Indeed, this is still the case for properties with an old-fashioned alarm installed.

Technically, this means they could continue to go off for several days (with many stories of that happening in years gone by). However, the truth is that they go off until the battery runs out. Because, by nature, these alarms are decades old, the battery will be pretty run down, so the sound will usually stop within a matter of hours or minutes.

Alternatively, the battery might already dead, in which case it won’t sound at all. More knowledgeable burglars will be able to spot these older alarm systems on properties with ease. Many will happily chance their arm in the hope that the alarm doesn’t ring at all.

Choosing the right alarm system for your property

At Selectron, we understand the importance of having the right intruder alarm for your property. That’s why we offer a wide range of intruder alarms for Bermuda homes and advanced systems for commercial properties.

Whatever your specific requirements, our expert team will survey your property and talk you through the options available in detail. You can then make an informed choice on what’s best for you, before arranging professional installation at a time and date that suits you.

Contact us today to get the ball rolling.

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