How Technology Has Changed the Ability to Secure Our Homes

How Technology Has Changed the Ability to Secure Our Homes

From retail and commerce to the way we communicate, technology is changing almost every aspect of our lives. Fortunately, most of these changes are for the better. That’s certainly the case with home security, which has gone through something of a digital transformation itself in recent years.

Read on as we explore how exactly technology has helped us better secure our homes.

The joys of automation

Some of the biggest changes to security have come through the advent of smart technology. Broadly speaking, this is any technology that can complete functions itself, without the need for ongoing human input.

As an example, smart cameras can detect motion and alert users when someone is in a specific area of their home. Alternatively, they can begin recording when this motion is detected, saving you the job of sifting through hours of footage.

This kind of automation is also possible with leak detection. Rather than having a rudimentary system that simply alerts you to any leaks, modern systems can shut off water flow automatically. By stopping minutes or even hours of leaking water, this automation can be critical when it comes to protecting your building and contents.

New security features

As well as improving existing features, technology has introduced new functions for securing our homes. Video doorbells are one example, which allow you to see who is at your doorstep before answering the door. With remote access you can do so – and speak to them – without actually being at home.

This creates the illusion that your home is occupied, to deter any opportunist thieves. Similarly, automated lighting can be set to come on at certain times and can be controlled through a remote device. This give the appearance of somebody being at home, when you’re actually on holiday or just at work.

Wireless technology

Another noticeable advance in security technology is the removal of wires. From surveillance cameras to intruder alarms, it’s now possible to get wireless devices which are much quicker and easier to install. There’s no need to drill through walls, move furniture or redecorate afterwards.

With a much quicker installation, wireless devices reduce the chance that you’ll be waiting around for an installation team to fit you in. They also minimise disruption to your day-to-day life when installation is taking place. Best of all, they can cost significantly less than their wired counterparts when installation is factored into the equation.

Remote access

Overarching all of these changes is a shift towards constant connection. It’s becoming commonplace for devices to be connected to the internet. This allows them to be accessed and monitored remotely on any kind of device, as touched upon with the video doorbell.

Users can view footage of their home in real time or just check on their security system for any recent alerts, wherever they may be. This remote monitoring has certainly given people a level of reassurance that wasn’t possible in the past.

State of the art security in Bermuda

Technology is always changing and improving. At Selectron, we’re constantly on the lookout for the latest products to keep Bermuda’s homes protected. Take a look at a selection of our residential security products to find the best fit for you.

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