How to Combat Bike Theft

How to Combat Bike Theft

Bike theft is an ever-present problem across the world. In North America, for instance, a bike is stolen every 30 seconds. While things might not be quite as severe in Bermuda, there’s still a worry that your bike could be stolen by an opportunist thief if you don’t have the right protection in place.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to minimise the risk. Read on as we discuss how you can combat bike theft.

584 bike thefts a year

According to a recent statement by the Bermuda Police Service, bike theft has decreased in recent years. While there were 830 recorded bike thefts in 2014 the number had dropped to 584 by 2019. However, it’s still almost 50 bike thefts each month.

That’s far too many people left without their bike and facing a lot of hassle trying to get it back or get insurance to cover it. We’re almost certain the 584 victims of bike theft will back us up on that.

How to keep your bike safe

So, what can you do to keep your bike safe? Above all else, stay alert. While it’s easy to become relaxed about bike safety, the thieves eying up your bike will always be on their toes.

1.  Get a good lock

Make sure you invest in a top-quality steering lock. Consider the value of the bike itself, and you’ll soon realise it’s worth paying a bit more to protect it.

2. Keep it locked

Even if you’re only parking for a minute to go into a shop or speak to a friend, it’s always worth locking your bike. In other words, you’re better safe than sorry.

3. Don’t park in the same place

You might think all thieves are opportunists, but many are happy to watch you for several days and get an idea of your routine. Parking your bike in the same spot every day will eventually draw attention and make you an easy target.

4. Use a GPS tracker

If you want to make sure your bike is traceable if it gets stolen, a GPS tracker is the way to go. By adding a GPS tracker to your bike, you’ll be able to get its location on your smartphone or other device and track it down.

Bike security at home

Not all bike thefts take place in public spaces. That’s why it’s equally important to keep your bike safe at home. As well as the locking advice we’ve already mentioned, make sure your bike is always parked in a well-lit location at night, installing security lighting if required.

An intruder alarm can add another layer of security if your bike is parked inside a garage, while surveillance cameras can keep your bike monitored at all times. For total peace of mind, consider a camera system that allows you to check in on your bike through your smartphone.

Residential security experts

Whether you’re concerned about the security of your bike or you just want peace of mind at home, Selectron provides an array of robust security solutions. From intruder alarms and CCTV to gate operators and automated lighting, our team will make sure you’ve got the security you need to protect your possessions – and your loved ones.

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