Regulated Cannabis Growth

Why Security is Key for Regulated Cannabis Growth

Cannabis laws have changed for both the US and Canada in recent years. And with such a complex, high-stakes industry comes the need for suitable security operations.

Because the sector and those involved in it are growing so rapidly with regulation changes, it’s essential to act fast with security. This post takes a closer look at the changing cannabis laws and how dispensaries can suitably secure their site.

Changing cannabis laws

Attitudes towards cannabis – both medically and recreationally – are changing. In 2012, Colarado and Washington became the first US states to legalise the recreational use of cannabis, with 7 states plus the District of Columbia (DC) following suit. Since California legalised medicinal cannabis in 1996, a further 30 states plus DC, Guam and Puerto Rico have made the drug legal for medical use.

Similarly, in Canada, medicinal cannabis has been legal since 2001. Justin Trudeau’s successful 2018 election campaign included a commitment to legalise recreational cannabis use. So, from 17th October 2018, the drug will become legal from licensed retailers – and grown by licensed producers.

Security is key

In any case – medicinal or recreational – legalised cannabis will still be regulated and controlled by the state. This makes the need for security even greater. Not only are dispensaries aiming to secure their produce and output, they need to avoid the product being contaminated or released to the public.

Fortunately for companies just starting out, there are already comprehensive security systems in place. In Canada, for instance, medicinal cannabis has been legal for over 17 years. As a result, certain companies have become experts in the complex security requirements of cannabis production sites.  One of those is Inaxsys, a key supplier of Selectron.

What security do cannabis dispensaries need?

To create a fully secure site, cannabis production companies require a combination of the following:

Access control

It’s essential that only authorised personnel can access your site, with even more limited access for specific, sensitive areas. ID cards and key fobs can be used with scanners to manage and monitor access. For a higher level of security, companies can use biometric credentials (face and fingerprint scanning) with biometric readers.


24/7 surveillance is important for such a high-sensitivity site – not only to protect products, but also financial integrity and your employees. Interior and exterior cameras can be installed with low-light capability for night-time surveillance, so your site is protected around the clock.

Automatic detection

Monitoring your site is important, but it’s also useful to have automatic detection in place for certain events. Bespoke security systems can automatically detect break-ins, fires or flooding and report them to yourself and/or your security provider. Again, this will help protect your products as well as your employees.

To provide the right security solution, it’s important to assess each site individually and address its specific requirements. For any business or organisation entering this emerging sector, it is vital that the security implications are understood completely and the correct preparations are in place.

At Selectron our solutions help you meet the increased challenges of today’s security and surveillance, enabling you to improve safety by reducing and preventing security breaches and accidents. Find out more about us >>

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