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Counterfeit Cable Uncovered

Late last year Underwriters Laboratories instituted the requirement for holographic labels on boxes of cable that bear the UL logo. The Communications Cable and Connectivity Association has undertaken efforts to raise awareness of counterfeits in the market, as part of the association’s effort to minimize the amount of counterfeit product that gets installed in networks. View PDF...

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See how remote TOTAL CONNECT security services can benefit your business or home in Bermuda. You can arm and disarm your alarm/security system from the web or with a mobile device. You can receive email alerts when your security system is armed or disarmed or when it is in alarm. View live and recorded video over the internet or on your mobile device. See how this works!...

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CCTV DVR For Restaurants

Fact: Employee theft is less frequent when video cameras are in conspicuous places and proper signage is displayed on entry doors and walls. Once a potential robber or thief sees that your place is under surveillance, they don’t try anything. DVR – Digital Video Recording Computers are now widely found in restaurants! They are easy to install, offer many features and could save your life. Using color cameras inside your building is best because people will be more identifiable by the color of clothes they are wearing. Used in conjunction with the face shot at......

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